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Steel Shelving and Storage Equipment

J. Sallese & Sons is a stocking distributor of Penco Products which manufactures lockers and shelving units for industrial, service, governmental and institutional organizations. As a stocking distributor, we have many sizes available for immediate shipment and/or installation. Our pricing is very competitive and our service is second to none.

Some of the most popular steel shelving, storage equipment, palette racks and work benches we sell, deliver and install are listed below. In addition, you will also find the Penco catalogs listed below.

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Versatile Clipper Shelving Open & Closed Units

Penco Clipper Shelving is a high quality industrial shelving product with sufficient versatility to handle the simple storage of supplies and inventory up to high rise or multi-level installations. Clipper Shelving is offered in a wide variety of sizes and capacities. It can be assembled in open or closed configurations and is available in 24 designer colors.

Clipper Shelving features the same Hi-Performance Box Beam Shelves as used in Erectomatic® shelving. These are produced on a state-of-the-art production line that begins with a flat steel blank and ends with a completed shelf. For additional strength, flanges of the box beams are welded to the underside of the shelf on 3" centers, shelf corners are lapped and welded and sides are double flanged.

Shelves are available in a wide variety of sizes and 24 baked enamel colors. Shelves are available in three main capacity ranges: Medium, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty. Each shelf comes with four compression shelf clips.

Double Rivet Bulky Storage Units

RivetRite Units come in two basic types: Single Rivet Units and Double Rivet Units. These utilize different combinations of beam types. In addition, units for special purposes include Records Storage Units and Automotive Parts Storage Units.  Finished in 24 baked powder coat designer colors.

Double Rivet Bulky Storage Units

  • 48" to 96" wide beams
  • Access to stored items from all sides
  • Choice of beam capacity to meet your storage requirements
  • Easy assembly without special tools
  • Units available in 84" and 120" heights

Penco RivetRite bulky shelving is designed to provide an economical solution for the storage of retail, wholesale or industrial goods. Installation can be done without special tools in a minimum amount of time.

Single Rivet High Density Storage Units

Single Rivet high density shelving uses single rivet beams on intermediate levels, and double rivet beams at the top and bottom for rigidity. For units up to 48 " wide.

  • High density shelf beams provide maximum space between shelf levels
  • Common tee posts between starter and add-on unit
  • Shelf levels adjust on 1-1/2" centers
  • Fast easy assembly
  • Optional heavy duty single rivet shelf beams available for added capacity

Penco Single Rivet beam High Density shelving is designed to provide for maximum vertical clearance between shelves. Access to stored item from all sides is possible because side and back cross braces are not necessary for stability. Add-on units assemble quickly without special tools by using a common tee post between units.

Wide Span Shelving Units

These shelving units are designed to contain wide, bulky loads as a single unit or sophisticated multi-level picking system. Clipper Shelving Bin Units are closed units with Heavy Duty Hi-Performance shelves, in various quantities, plus dividers and bin fronts as required. Offset angle posts are used at the rear of each unit, and box posts at the front.

36” Wide Bin Units
48” Wide Bin Units

Pallet Rack

Penco's time proven pallet rack design continues to be a favorite of professional material for over 30 years. The slotted design is easy to install and adjust on 3" centers while the Safety Lock Tab prevents the beam from being dislodged. Penco's Pallet Rack is available in 24 designer colors all utilizing our unique powder coat baked on process. A full line of accessories are also available.

Made in the USA

Penco Products, Inc. continues to manufacture every Vanguard, Guardian, Invincible II, All-Welded, Angle Iron, Patriot and SmartLocker model in the United States. Our complete line of industrial shelving products, bulk shelving, pallet rack, shop furniture and cabinets is also manufactured domestically.

We believe that by capitalizing on the efficiency of our manufacturing as well as our experienced workforce, domestic business partners and formidable buying power, we can remain the industry leader from right here at home.

As your manufacturer partner, we can also assist you with your contract documents for projects subject to the Buy American Act or calling for steel origin certification.

Storage and Work Area Product Catalogs

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