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Commercial Lockers and Locker Room Benches - J. Sallese & Sons

J. Sallese & Sons is a distributor of Penco metal lockers, Scranton plastic lockers and Summit phenolic lockers. Our specialty is installing lockers and shelving units in schools, colleges, universities, commercial businesses, government agencies and institutional organizations.

As a stocking distributor, we carry all types and size lockers and locker benches. J Sallese & Sons services all of New England. Contact us to learn more about our outstanding locker installation and repair services.

We also provide the full line locker locks from Master Locks and Zephyr Locks.

Some of the most popular lockers and locker room benches we sell, deliver and install are listed below.
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Penco Lockers - Metal Lockers

Single Tier
The most popular and widely used locker offers maximum space for full hanging of clothing and other belongings. Each locker has a convenient shelf for storage of books, hats or other small articles. Lockers 18" deep or more come with a coat rod in addition to coat hooks

Double Tier
Accommodates twice as many people as single tier lockers in the same floor space, while still providing enough room for light outer wear and personal belongings.

Multiple Tier Box Lockers 3 Tier | 4 Tier | 5 Tier | 6 Tier
Also known as "box lockers" for their compact dimensions, Penco multiple tier lockers allow numerous users in the smallest amount of floor space. They are available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 tier configurations. These lockers are ideal for storage of athletic gear or employee personal storage. Each compartment can be locked with padlocks or built-in locks.

2 Person Lockers
A space saving model that has ample room for two people while occupying about the same space as a single tier locker. These lockers have the advantage of a full width book compartment doors. Coat rods are included in lockers 18" deep or more.

7 & 8 Person Lockers
These efficient lockers are ideal for multiple user situations such as school gymnasium locker rooms. The box compartments (18"w x 12"h) are for permanent storage of athletic gear. When a user is present, the large locker (18"w x 60"h) is used for street clothes.

The Executive Locker
The Executive is a custom-outfitted 24" wide locker which offers such optional personal amenities as multiple storage shelves, lockable inner storage compartment, and combination comb and brush tray with towel bar. It is especially appropriate for country clubs. Other accessories available include golf ball tray, acrylic mirror and name card holder.

Locker Benches

Penco offers a wide range of benches and pedestals for various applications. A natural accessory for any locker room. Benches add permanent comfort and order to the floor plan arrangement. vPenco offers a choice of bench pedestal styles. Order two pedestals for standard benches 96” long or less; order three pedestals for benches over 96” long. The seat portion of ADA benches require a minimum of 4 pedestals, placed as shown in the photo of the Bench Bracket.

Scranton Lockers - Plastic Lockers

Scranton Products, the leader of the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic partition and locker industry for over a quarter of a century, has designed its Tufftec Locker® line to provide highly versatile, tough, aesthetically pleasing solutions for all your locker applications.

Designed to be customizable,Tufftec Lockers® offer a broad range of styles, configurations and interchangeable options, allowing you to create customized storage to meet your most demanding specifications. Engineered for strength and durability, Tufftec Lockers® are designed to withstand the harshest daily use and provide years of maintenance-free storage solutions. From healthcare, to industry, to recreation and athletics, Tufftec Lockers® provide highly versatile, tough, aesthetically pleasing solutions for all your locker applications

When you choose Tufftec Lockers®, you are supporting a healthier environment. Tufftec Lockers® reduce industrial waste by using a blend of virgin and pre-consumer recycled content to produce a high quality product that is 100% recyclable.

Children & Schools Certified SM, Tufftec Lockers® meet strict criteria for products intended for use in environments where children spend significant periods of time. Because Tufftec Lockers® never need painting, they do not contribute to VOC emissions, which improves both indoor and outdoor air quality. In addition, they can be power-washed or steam cleaned, eliminating the need for harmful chemical cleaners. Incorporating Tufftec Lockers® can contribute points toward LEED certification as well.

Summit Lockers - Plastic Lockers

Summit Lockers are made with solid phenolic or solid plastic panels with recycled content ranging from 28% - 100% and recycled stainless steel hardware. Phenolic panels are GREENGUARD® indoor air quality certified.

ADA Compliance
Summit Lockers has a full line of ADA compliant lockers, locker room benches, locks, and ID plates to meet the ADA requirements of your facility.

  • Full Size Doors without Frames
    Our construction includes locker doors that overlay the locker frame, providing full locker access. No more locker frames blocking storage of large items such as book bags, basketballs and helmets and creating a place for mold and mildew to grow.
  • Proven Construction Techniques
    Mortise and Tenon joints have been used in the woodworking trade for years to provide greater strength, permanence and a tight fit. Summit Lockers leverages these techniques and combines them with stainless steel fasteners to assure installation of a durable locker
  • Durable Materials
    Summit Lockers are constructed using solid phenolic or solid plastic panels with durable, high impact properties to resist dents, scratches and graffiti. Their nonporous surfaces make them resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria and are easily cleaned with soap and water.

Penco, Scranton and Summit Locker Brochures and Catalogs
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