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Locker Locks for Schools, Colleges, Universities and Commercial Use


Master Locks

J. Sallese & Sons provides schools, colleges, universities and commercial customers with the full line of Master Locks. You can trust Master Lock for the locker lock products, security, support and service you need.

  • BLOCKGUARD® ANTI-SHIM Padlock TECHNOLOGY! Advances padlock security to the next level. Continuing to lead the market with innovative security solutions, Master Lock now offers the patented BlockGuard® Anti-Shim Technology – the very best in shim deterrence for combination padlocks. These enhanced combination locks deter shimming, a method of violating a lock by inserting a specially designed shim tool into its latch mechanism. BlockGuard® has unique flat latch technology that actually blocks typical shimming tools from opening the lock – deterring break-ins. Master Lock exclusive BlockGuard® Anti-Shim Technology
  • LockerManager® is an easy-to-use program that makes locker administration simple. How? LockerManager® automates time consuming activities such as assigning locks to lockers, assigning students to lockers, communicating locker assignments, combination management, locker maintenance, and more!

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Zephyr Locks

Today Zephyr manufactures locks for lockers in every kind of setting and application: school and employee locker rooms, ADA compliance, recreation and health clubs, and many other industrial and municipal settings. From traditional built-in combination locks to its new electronic RFID and built-in key locks, Zephyr Lock is the preferred locking solution and your locker advantage.


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